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The World Of Work Is Changing. Are You Ready?

William Bridges stated "We all will have to learn new ways to work...While in some cases, the new ways of working will require new technological skills, in many more cases, they will require something more fundamental: the "skill" of finding and doing work in a world without clear-cut and stable jobs...Today's workers need to forget jobs completely and look instead for work that needs doing, and then set themselves up as the best way to get that work done." Jobshift - 1994 Bridge's statement is just as true today as it was when he first wrote Jobshift.

  • Is technology or outsourcing creating changes in your industry?
  • Are company budget cuts leaving you feeling anxious?
  • Are you going through a major transition in your life and need to rethink your current career?
  • Are you feeling you made the wrong career decision and want help in changing careers?
  • Are you thinking you would like to try a different type of work?

We can help you strengthen your career decision making process and help you construct your life work in an industry that fits for you.

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The World Of Work Is Changing

Who We Work With

We can be career explorers, career decision makers and career strategists at any age of our lives.

Young Adults

Young Adults

Young Adults

Have you finished high school and are wondering what you are going to do with your life? We help young adults get their lives back on track and help them build a career strategy that leads to long term employment. We spend more time on career exploration, improving career decision making skills and creating career strategies that lead to better career choices and a better quality of life.

Career Changers

Career Changers

Mid-life Career Changers

Are you in the wrong field? We help career changers answer four fundamental questions: Do you like the industry you work in? Do you like the company you work for? Do you like the job you are doing? Do you like the people you work for? By analyzing what you like and dislike about the work you currently do, we help you find a career doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

Post Divorce

Post Divorce

Post Divorce

Has a recent divorce disrupted your life plans? At Constructive Career, we know that divorce can happen at any stage of adult life. We help our clients navigate this difficult transition time and help them with career and life decisions that lead to a positive and fulfilling life.

Plus Fifty

Plus 50

Plus 50

Have you recently been let go from work after long term employment? Are you afraid that ageism will prevent you from working? We help our clients identify what they have to offer the workplace and the wide variety of opportunities available to people 50 and over.

About Ann Nakaska

A career consultant and career educator who specializes in career decision making.

Ann Nakaska is a career consultant who specializes in career decision making and is committed to the field of career development.

Ann’s Career Story:
I was completing a career development certificate to add to my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, ready to start looking for work as a school career practitioner when I read the book Jobshift by William Bridges. Reading this book changed my career path. I realized that people were not ready for all the changes happening in the workplace. I knew that people of all ages would need to develop their career development skills or they would be left behind. What people would need is more education around career skills. I changed my career path from school practitioner to career consultant and educator- specializing in career decision making.

Ann Nakaska Career Consultant